ACH Chapter 32

   “The rest of you … come together… There are still more than ten people over there. You know…?”


 The students in the royal capital weren’t happy to hear Rio’s words.


 But Rio didn’t seem to be fazed by them either.


 In the face of more than a dozen people at the same or older age, she wasn’t affected.


  “Oh. since Iris killed two and Mayfa killed two, so I’ll have to deal with 11. That’s ok, just hurry up and get on with it. Is it just me, or are you all like chickens who are intimidated even though I’m the only one here? I don’t mind if you give us the win then.”




 Every time Rio said something, a crease appeared on the foreheads of the students from the capital, especially the males.


 Some of the female students tried to stop them by saying, “Hey, you shouldn’t do that, right? She looks very strong.” but the boys didn’t seem to want to give it up.


   “You…I won’t forgive you! I’m going to beat you to death and I’m going and strip you naked! Let’s go, you bastards!”




 The four boys raised their weapons and charged at Rio in unison.


 Regardless of their motives, they have plenty of spirit.


   “Oraaah, let’s beat her to a pulp!”


 The boys all draw their weapons down at once.


 Beyond that, the figure of Rio watches the trajectory of the weapons absentmindedly…


 That Rio moved in a flash.


   “What…? Where is she?”


 As the students of the royal capital raised their weapons, Rio was gone.


 The boys looked around as they lost sight of Rio.


 But it was as if they were looking in the wrong place.


   “Hmmm. You can’t see me at all, huh?”


   “The voice. Where’s it coming from!”


   “Below, below!”


 At the sound of the girl’s voices, the boys from the capital looked at their feet in a hurry.


 Rio was crouched at the feet of the four boys, with a naughty smile on her face.


   “Nah…! When did it happen…!”








 Pak pak


 The boys fell to the ground one by one as Rio threw a quick series of thrusts with her wooden sword and lightly struck the boys in the groin.


 Replacing the fallen boys, Rio, who had been crouched down, stood up.


 Alma, who had been watching it in a daze, hurriedly raised her flag.


   “Ah….Yu, four effective shots! Four out!”




 Most of the remaining students from the capital were upset.


 But even in the Royal Capital team, there are some guys that had some backbone.


   “──[Earth Hand]!”




 As Rio stood up, two earthen hands sprouted from the ground at his feet, pushing away the gravel and grabbing Rio’s ankles.


 The earth hands went straight back into the dirt and sewed Rio’s feet to the ground.


 If you look, in the rear guard of the capital’s team, there is a male student who is holding his palm up to Rio.


 I remember that boy.


 He’s been taking classes with Daibu, I wonder if he will become as good as him?


   “Haha! They said no attack magic, but they didn’t tell me not to use magic!”


 The boys say triumphantly.


 Yeah, that’s right.


 This isn’t a violation of the rules or anything, it’s a straightforward tactic.


 Then another swordsman boy attacked Rio as she got stuck.


   “Well done! She can’t even move around with this… [Bamboo Split]!”


 This is also one of the people who had a somewhat decent education.


 This is a beginner’s technique for swords, and to be able to use it, he is a bit different from the other guys…


 [Bamboo Split] is a technique in which you swing your sword down into the opponent’s brain.


 The attack power is high and the swordsmanship of the swing down is sharp, but it’s a dangerous technique that breaks the rule of the match, ‘No Intentional Face Attack’.


 Well, technically, it’s a “head” attack, and since Alma said “face” attacks are forbidden, it’s a gray area.


 In any case, it’s a dangerous attack.


 It’s just that student excellence doesn’t always equate to character.


 Alma’s eyes widened, but it was unlikely that she would be able to stop it in time.


 Seeing that, I thought about hurling the stone I picked up beforehand, but…


 I stopped.


 Because I saw Rio’s movements.






 ─ ─ Kang.


 Rio’s wooden sword flicked the opponent’s wooden sword to the side, killing its trajectory.


 The opponent, who was swept away diagonally by the sword, lost his balance.


 Rio slammed the hilt of the wooden sword into the boy’s chest.




 The boy holds his chest and falls down with a thud.


   “Yup, effective! Out!”


 Alma hurriedly raises the flag of judgment.


 By the way, although Alma says he’s out, all the students Rio defeated still haven’t been able to recover from the damage and are lying on the ground and rolling like caterpillars.


 I guess Rio is taking it easy on them too, but the power difference is just too big.






 ─ Bak, bak.


 Rio let out a spirited shout and pulled off the earth that was grabbing her ankle by force using only her leg strength.


 Having regained her freedom, Rio looked at the six remaining students of King’s Landing and chuckled.


   “Well would you look at that, some do have a little knowledge. Rather, I underestimated you a little bit. Well, it’s not a problem, but do you guys want to keep going?”


 When Rio asked that lazily, the remaining six students all shook their heads buzzingly.


 Then all the remaining students of the royal capital gave up and the game was settled.




 Rio, Iris, and Mayfa get together, smile, and high-five me.


 All three of them run up to me like puppies, looking up at me with innocent eyes.


   “Hey brother, how were we? We’ve gotten pretty strong, right?”


   “Oh, Rio. Don’t get carried away. Compared to sensei, we’re still a long way off… Right, sensei?”


   “I didn’t understand it because the other party was too inferior… Lolicon nii-san, how were our bodies…?”


   “I think you’ve all grown up a lot! Rio, Iris, and Mayfa all look different than they did a while ago. Alright, alright!”


 I hugged and patted the three of them one by one, blocking Mayfa’s mouth as she shifted into a subtle and dangerous comment.


   While enjoying the cuteness of Rio and Iris, who were beaming, “Ehehehe,” I gave the three of them plenty of praise.


 I can’t help but feel that Alma was looking at it with a half-smile and a glazed-over look in her eyes, but…


 No, this much is just normal interaction between teacher and students…?


 ─ On the other hand.


 The students from the Royal Capital were gathered around Cyrus and were being reprimanded.


  “What a mess! So many people and a disastrous defeat to just three little heroes in such a poor village! Aren’t you ashamed to be a student of the illustrious Royal Capital Hero’s Academy! Why did you give up? Why can’t you choose to not embarrass me even if you break a bone or two! You all lose points! Be prepared for that!”


 Cyrus was spewing frustration and spitting at the students.


 And the students also said, “Well, wait, Mr. Cyrus, not the points…!”


   “I don’t know what “deduction of points” means, but judging from the reactions of those students, I’m guessing that it’s probably something to do with future personnel affairs.


 Incidentally, from my point of view, I thought that  the female student who accurately flew an arrow towards Iris and the male student who successfully stopped Rio, albeit temporarily, with [Earth Hand] should be given a fair amount of credit, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Cyrus’ evaluation.


 And when I was thinking such things…


 One of the three people who had been standing beside Cyrus, watching the situation, moved.


   “Oh well, Cyrus-san, there’s no need to get so upset.”


 It was a male student named Jake, also nicknamed the Genius Wolf.

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